Winter Days Are Over

As much as I’m ready for some sun I’ll still miss those days. Those days in the snow, being totally exhausted at the end of the day, having drawn new lines down white slopes, falling over trees and stones, being covered in snow everywhere and doing it again and again. Because I love snowboarding and I want more next winter.

Catching a ride after going off piste in Kühtai.

Catching a ride after going off piste in Kühtai.

I also just entered the #rememberingwinter project on A pretty cool blog I recently came across and definitely one you should check out if you’re into board sports, fashion and design.

Now that I’ve said my goodbyes to winter I should probably also say hi to summer. Hi. We all want you to come soon and stay. You’re hot. Or at least we like you when you’re hot.

longboarding in Innsbruck

Longboarding in Innsbruck. Photo shout outs to Miss Burn R.

This is me standing on a longboard for the frist time. Might need some time to make it look more elegant, but after a few gos I feel like I got the hang out of it.


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  1. Sommer Favorites 2013 » vanilleah Says:

    [...] Endlich ist Sommer. Und hier in Innsbruck ist es heiß. Zumindest verglichen mit Mauritius, wo ich letzte Woche war. [...]

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