Wien darf nicht New York werden

So, yesterday K and I checked out the Sky Kitchen.

Thumbs up:
+ still an awesome idea
+ cool, hip location
+ very good PR (when I left for the party there were almost 1000 attending guests on fb)
+ design. elevator looks like a storage cupboard (time: 23:55), cute design on toilet doors and the lighting is modern and imo very fitting. very, very well done.

- about a million people waiting in queue to get in (time: 22:15)
- never ever again will I wait for (ashamed to admit) over 90min in line to get it. Sorry, not worth it.
- you kinda feel like inbetween a huge load of young Viennese upper east siders (but: + I had fun listening to those high-heeled girly dolls who are stupid as…)
- no AC up there, plus I had the impression they could have fitted in even more people… Compared to teh queue there weren’t that many people inside.

Neutral points (not sure where to put them)
* split personality of the bouncer
* Wenzgasse School revival
* girls get to pee together – jep, 2 toilets in one cabin…

To sum it up: cool location, music and people, but definitly not worth getting in queue for longer than 10min.

Some impressions:

Fotos: Lea

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3 Responses to “Wien darf nicht New York werden”

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  2. michi Says:

    wow – von notcot verlinkt! wieviele hits kamen denn von dort? :-)

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